A lot of things go into your vehicle so it performs safely and at its best. Proper wheel alignment is one thing that plays an important role in the safety and durability of your vehicle and tires. Wheel alignment affects fuel efficiency, tire wear, tire performance, vehicle handling and manoeuvrability. This leads to the question, when should I get a wheel alignment?
We have compiled a list of things to look for when you may need a wheel alignment.


1. You notice uneven tire wear on tires (inside or outside)


This results in accelerated tire wear and can lead to affecting other parts of your vehicle such as the ball joints, tire rod ends, and bushings.While performing an alignment, your technician should notice if there is wear and tear on other parts of your vehicle and be able to inform you if something else needs to be changed for the safety of you and your vehicle.


2. Steering pull (your vehicle wanders)



Improper wheel alignment can cause issues with how your vehicle handles - which could create a safety hazard on the road causing your vehicle to stray. A car with bad alignment will drift slightly from side to side, even when the steering wheel is pointing forward.


3. An off-centre steering wheel (your steering wheel should be centered when driving down the highway)



This is a good indication that your wheels are not properly aligned. Fixing misaligned wheels will prevent your vehicle from pulling to one side so you can drive on a straight road without having to struggle with your steering wheel. This also increases safety and is better for fuel consumption.


Your car should have a relatively direct feel and response to the direction that you steer it. If you feel you are turning the wheel often with very little tire movement, you should have the alignment checked out.


4. You've had a fender bender or hard impact with a curb or road debris.


Hitting a large pothole head-on may cause more than a loud thud. It can throw off your car's wheel alignment.


Also, if you travel on gravel roads frequently, your tires will wear faster and a regular wheel alignment should be considered.


5. You get new tires


Anytime you put new tires on your vehicle, it is a good idea to make sure they are properly aligned for fuel efficiency, safety, and peace of mind.


When you get a wheel alignment, everything works in harmony. In addition to extending the life of your tires, it helps your vehicle achieve better fuel economy, prevents expensive suspension repairs down the road, and makes for a smoother driving now.

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