Parts & Service Specials

Tire Hotel

Give your tires a break by checking them into our temperature-controlled Tire Hotel where they will stay healthy and ready to grip next time you need them. Save your tread today and book a season stay for just $129.95.

10% Off Alloy Detail Services

Alloy Detail Centre provides a line of interior & exterior auto detail services that will make your vehicle look as impressive as the first day you bought it. As a Saskatoon Mitsubishi customer, you can take advantage of 10% off cleaning services to remove the toughest stains, blemishes, and even those funky smells.

Free Wheel Alignment Checks

Regular alignment checks are the best defense against premature tire wear and tear. With our free alignment check service, our technicians will ensure your wheel's alignment meets your manufacturer's recommendation, plus we'll inspect your tires, suspension and steering ensure all components are performing at their best.