Saskatoon City School Zone Updates

Saskatoon City School Zone Updates

The new year brings changes, and we've got an important one to share with you.


Starting September 1, 2022, the City of Saskatoon will being to implement new safety/speed limit changes around school and playground zones.


So what do you need to know?


A school zone is the area surrounding elementary schools that includes homes, streets and any other public places that intersects with a child's walking route - helping to make sure that children move to and from school safely.


In 2021, school zone speed limits around elementary schools took effect from September-June, Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm.


Starting September 1, 2022, these changes mean school zone speed limit restrictions will be in effect year-round, seven days a week, from 7am - 7pm - and also includes the newly-installed 'playground zones" with the same schedule.


It is important to note that high school zones will be removed and will become "school areas", where speed limits will not be reduced.


U-turns in all "school areas" and zones will remain prohibited.


Recognizing the critical importance of vehicle safety in areas where young people are present is a substantial factor in the City of Saskatoon's decision.


If you live near an elementary, playground zone, or high school in Saskatoon or travel through one often, make sure you're aware of these changes for 2022. For more information on School Zones and the dates these changes will take effect, visit:

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