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Thule Boxes Starting From $950*

The Thule boxes are great for any Lightweight items you don't have room for in your vehicle. After loading your heaviest items into your vehicle you can use the Thule box for Suitcases, Sporting equipment and Camping gear, they're a great way to get that extra bit of room you might not have otherwise.
Thule Force XT Extra Large - $1000
Thule Force XT Large - $950
Thule Motion XT Large - $1100 (gloss black finish)
The large box length is 190cm - Volume is 453 L
The X Large box length is 210cm - Volume is 500 L
Weight restrictions depend on the vehicles roof weight limit and crossbars used. MOST vehicles have about 100-150lbs weight limit. (Thule's max is 150lbs)
Please call 306.343.6487 for other option sizes/styles of boxes, roof baskets and Ski/snowboard/Kayak/bike carriers.

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