Mitsubishi Rebates

Loyalty Rebate

We wouldn't offer this to just anyone, but we really, really appreciate our loyal customers. If you previously purchased a Mitsubishi, you or your family member may be eligible for a $500 rebate.

Military Program

In appreciation of your service, our $500 military rebate is available with the purchase of select new Mitsubishi vehicles for current members of the Canadian Armed Forces and veterans.

Education Edge

No matter what kind of school you attend, Mitsubishi motors offers a little extra $500 incentive to get those grades up with our graduate rebate.

First Responders Program

To say thank you to those who protect our communities, this program offers $500 rebates for active Canadian First Responders, as well as front-line healthcare professionals.

Mobility Program

When accessibility is a top priority, we offer a $500 Mobility Rebate towards converting a Mitsubishi with driver/passenger assistance equipment.