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5 Reasons Why Your Next Vehicle Should Be A Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

See our list of the top 5 reasons to drive a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, no matter the season.

Stuck with a Flat Tire? Here's How to Change a Tire Step by Step

Do you know how to change your flat tire? Watch this video to learn how.

10 FAQ's on the Outlander PHEV

Click Read More below to learn more about the Outlander PHEV.

MI-PILOT Driver Assist Technology System Reduces Driver Stress

MI-PILOT Assist is Mitsubishi Motors' advanced driver assist system.

The 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Japan's oldest car company, Mitsubishi Motors, introduces its newest model - the 2023 Outlander PHEV. The 2023 Outlander PHEV is the most advanced, innovative, and intelligent Mitsubishi ever.

More Than Driven

For 20 Years, Mitsubishi Motors has brought innovation and forward-thinking technologies to Canada. We push beyond expectations and stand out, ready for the road ahead - ready to drive with ambition.

3 Things You Should Know About Your Mitsubishi Vehicle

Do you know how to add your windshield washer fluid, how to check your oil levels, and how to check your tire pressure levels? Tanya Andreen will show you how.

Technologies Meet Drivers' Desires

PHEV means electrification technology for today and tomorrow. Mitsubishi Motors acknowledges the importance of shaping the next era and the next adventure with their commitment to evolve technologies.

The Importance of a Wheel Alignment with Saskatoon Mitsubishi

A lot of things go into your vehicle so it performs safely and at its best. Proper wheel alignment is one thing that plays an important role in the safety and durability of your vehicle and tires. Wheel alignment affects fuel efficiency, tire wear, tire performance, vehicle handling and maneuverability. This leads to the question, when should I get a wheel alignment?

5 Pubs for St.Patricks Day in Saskatoon

Today, people of all backgrounds celebrate St.Patrick's Day, especially throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia.

In Saskatoon, SK we have many pubs and restaurants where we can gather to enjoy this festive holiday. And we've put together a list of our top 5.


Getting to the worlds most remote places just got a little easier, with the restyled 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. Owning the true spirit of adventure and innovation, Mitsubishi leads the charge with the launch of new technology: Eclipse drivers can now navigate to any 3m square in the world using just 3 words.

Mitsubishi’s Date Night for 2

It is time! Cupid will shoot his arrow...and you just may be hit by something beautiful. 

Saskatoon City School Zone Updates

Attention all drivers! Find out what changes will be made to school zones in the 2022 year, in Saskatoon.

Explore Mitsubishi Connect

Discover what the new app, Mitsubishi Connect, can do for you. Learn about its features and how it can keep you connected.

From Innovation to Dependability: 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Mitsubishi

Did you know that Mitsubishi was first established as a shipping firm in 1870? And while this fact might only be relevant the next time you attend 'trivia night,' we've compiled 5 reasons you should consider Mitsubishi the next time you're looking for a vehicle.