5 Reasons Why Your Next Vehicle Should Be A Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

5 Reasons Why Your Next Vehicle Should Be A Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Canadian drivers looking for safety and comfort needn't look further than the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, designed to protect its occupants through even the harshest weather. See our list of the top 5 reasons to drive a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, no matter the season.


1. Standard All Wheel Drive
Canadian drivers have come to expect the best in vehicle capability when it comes to taking on winter weather. Not all affordable models can meet their needs, though - except for Mitsubishi's Eclipse Cross! Standard All-Wheel Drive and Super All-Wheel Control provide superior performance with three selectable drive modes that help handle harsh conditions like snowstorms or icy terrain. The Eclipse Cross offers the power Canadians need most, without breaking the bank.


2. Stunning Design
The Eclipse Cross is packed with stylish and modern design elements that will appeal to adventurous drivers. With contemporary chrome accents, adjustable cargo space for increased storage capacity, plus luxurious features like leather seating and a heated steering wheel-this refined SUV adds flair to your journey no matter the destination! Not only does it look slick on the outside, but its spacious interior allows you comfort without compromising style.


3. Five Star Safety
Drivers benefit from RISE body construction that dissipates impact during collisions while reinforced elements guarantee everyone inside is secure in their safe space. Its wide range of tech features such as rain-sensing wipers and LED fog lights have you ready for any bump on your journey, complemented by an all-encompassing Multi View Camera System capturing 360-degree visuals at a moment's notice - making it clear why this compact SUV has so quickly become one of Canada's top driving choices.


4. Advanced Technology
With its value-driven design, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is equipped with some of the most advanced tech features for an affordable price. Its 20 cm touchscreen and smartphone connectivity make your ride more interactive than ever. The high-tech head-up display provides essential information such as speed and safety warnings that always remain within view, so you never need to take focus away from driving. Drivers in Canada will love having access to heated side mirrors, seats, windshield wipers de icer-allowing you stay cozy while braving cold winter weather outside. Make sure to turn up those tunes loud enough through their premium Power Sound System!


5. Outstanding Warranty
Last but hardly least, with a 10-year/160,000-km Powertrain Limited Warranty covering essential elements like its engine, transmission, and other components, it's one of the best warranties out there for keeping everything running confidently no matter what kind of terrain or weather awaits ahead! Drive with trust knowing that this reliable compact travel companion has got your back across even the longest journeys.

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